Jordyn, a white female with brown hair, looks down at her iPad. She is surrounded by cameras.
Students sit in a circle, as Jordyn leads an activity. There is a big, paper heart in front of her.
Jordyn, a white female with brown hair, poses for a picture outside. Her left hand rests on her hip.

Jordyn Zimmerman obtained her bachelors degree in Education Policy from Ohio University and is currently a graduate student at Boston College. Having experienced special education programs while in school herself, Jordyn hopes to become a catalyst for change in education. Diagnosed as autistic, Jordyn has been challenging the status quo in special education for many years. Because Jordyn has difficulty with communication, the educational system as it was, didn't realize Jordyn's true potential.


Technology helped open Jordyn's world and in 2014, she began advocating for students through a series of speaking engagements including presenting to college students at the University of Akron and Kent State, a National School Boards Association Education Technology Site Visit, Mentor Schools Opening Day for hundreds of staff members, and Alan November's Building Learning Communities (BLC16) Conference, among other conferences. She has written blogs for companies in Amsterdam and has been featured by educators in Singapore. 


An avid typist and advocate for all students, Jordyn helped to make The Ohio Speech and Debate Association more inclusive. She also founded the Ohio University Sparkle Effect team; the seventh, inclusive collegiate team in the nation. In 2017, she was recognized by the International Council for Exceptional Children with the "Yes I Can!" Award. All of this is just the beginning, as Jordyn is passionate and determined to make a difference in the world of education — making sure every student exercises their right to a truly inclusive education.. 

What People Are Saying:

"Jordyn's keynote touched the hearts and minds of educators from all over the world. The powerful combination of visuals and clear writing made for a very compelling presentation. Her lessons are a must for all educators. We need young people like Jordyn who can change the world!"

-Alan November, Marblehead, MA

International leader in education technology, author, and host of the Building Learning Communities Conference.

"Jordyn inspired, warmed and informed over 800 people. Her personality and message was perfect for the whole crowd."

-Executive Director of Friendship Circle, Cleveland, OH